19 Clever Uses for Hay You May Be Missing Out On

| 7/28/2015 2:48:00 PM

Jamie Cearley, PhDHay production is not for wimps. Don’t let this grueling job merely feed animals in winter. Get more from your hay this year by benefiting from one or more of these creative uses.

1. Spare Seating. Grab an old quilt and this hay couch can be made in a matter of minutes with just a few square bales.

spare seating 

2. Babysitter. Something is just plain captivating about hay (below left).

3. Time out. Hay can be used for one of today’s most popular child discipline strategies (below right).

babysitter timeout

Suzy Benton
3/7/2018 2:33:40 PM

Excellent and fun ideas! As far as the hay-couch, what if it gets wets sitting outside?