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Rosalind head shot“Let me go! Let me go!” It was a wail, a holler of complete distress. “Please, I beg of you, let me go!” No matter how much noise she made, the captor continued to pull and half drag the unfortunate Kitty across the field. “My poor little babe! What shall happen to Meringue?” One of the captors quickly showed the hollering goat doe her wee little lass. She continued to scream. The two terrorists did everything they could to quiet her down, but not even oats would work. 

“How dare you! You ...“she stammered, “I thought of all people you would be my friend. I trusted you.” The doe resisted being dragged further, but the humans were too strong. She demanded that they let her go, she pleaded for them to let her have rest, she groveled for them to bring her back to her pen, but the captors continued to ignore her cries.

They tied her up in a green pasture that was lacking a fence, that had trees and weeds and berries and so many other good things, but Kitty knew that all these were meant to torment her. Kitty knew that these two humans only wanted to keep her quiet long enough, so that no one would know her whereabouts. Kitty remembered that if you ever find yourself caught, you must make lots of noise. She did her best and let out a banshee cry. Then she paused for a second, getting ready to make another yell, but she heard her two captors talking quietly with each other. 

“I told you she would holler if you didn’t bring Maybelle along.”

“Yes, but you know how strong and smart Maybelle is, she would probably eat whatever we tied her to, and then we would have to catch her."

“Hmmm. Quite. That would be a bit of a problem then, if she escaped.”

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