Interacting With Animal Stewards at the 2011 Mother Earth News Fair

| 9/25/2011 7:53:00 AM

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 Day 1 at the 2011 Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs Pennsylvania offered the chance to mingle with livestock, speak with animal owners, and listen to presentations from leaders in the animal husbandry world.

Alpaca Family at 2011 MEN Fair

My own responsibilities, helping at the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy's Animal Husbandry Tent, meant I was assembling poultry and rabbit cages, leading ponies to pens, and even in once case carrying a non-halterbroke sheep from a trailer to her pen about 50 yards away.

Christine Williamson Spinning Wool

Some of the coolest things from this Fair, for me: talking with livestock owners of various animals, and even getting to know individual breeds; it offers one of the few chances in this business to have a direct interface with readers, and it’s refreshing to hear about their homes, farms, gardens, animals and lives; seeing speakers like Pat Foreman, Carol Ekarius, Harvey Ussery, and Joel Salatin, not to mention the presentations given by my own colleagues at Ogden Publications; a refreshing chance to get to know those colleagues better, outside of our office cubicles.

Classic Llama and a Packing Rig

This video was a quick interview with Anne Hallowell of Mercer County Pennsylvania. The Hallowells raise Classic Llamas, impressive multipurpose animals that perform well as guardian animals, companions, and most notably pack animals. I’d never seen a pack rig like this for a llama, and the idea of using this animal to pack up for a camping trip and then employ that animal to protect the campsite on that trip is pretty cool.

Nebraska Dave
9/25/2011 9:34:32 AM

Caleb, thanks for your report on the Llama report from the Mother Earth News Fair. Llama's are an interesting animal that just seem to fit into homestead living. I am always amazed to hear stories about how they are such good guard animals. For such a gentle looking creature, it just doesn't fit but from what I've hear they do an excellent job of protecting most anything. I can see how there would be conflict from herding dogs as I suspect they don't like to be herded. Keep up the good reports on animals good for the homestead. I hope you time in Pennsylvania was good.

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