Installing a Package of Bees

| 4/8/2011 12:32:27 PM

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A portrait of Susy, the author of Chiots Run.Two years ago we added bees to the Chiot's Run Family. We picked up 10,000 ladies from Dave, a local guy who sells them. He knows what he's talking about, these were the hives in his front yard.

Ohio Honey Farms


On our way home Mr Chiot's looked at me and said, "This has the makings of a horrible nightmare. The story would go something like this, 'I picked up my package of bees and all was going well. I heard something in the back of the car and then a swarm of bees attacked my face. I ran off the road into a ditch ....'" We had a good laugh about that on our way home. Such a common misconception that bees are dangerous!

Our Package of Bees


Muck Boot Diva
8/3/2011 3:16:46 PM

I have three hives of Russians at the farm. We NEED more honey bees or we WON'T have food for us or the animals. Hopefully more people will decide to take up beekeeping in the future -- good job! MBD

Earth Chik
6/7/2011 7:07:02 PM

I always recommend purchasing drawn comb with your hives. That way the bees wouldn't have had to spend the first season drawing comb, they could have been making honey. Also, you shouldn't have had to release the queen, by the time she and her attendants chewed through their side of the candy the bees from the hive should have worked their way into the queen and she would have been released in the hive. I always wedge my queen cages between the top frames of the hive, in the center. I also always paint my hives white to reflect heat. Good luck with your bees.

Nebraska Dave
4/12/2011 8:02:46 AM

Susy, I'm not sure if anyone in the neighborhood raises bees. It's kind frowned upon in an Urban area. I do know my neighbor next to me cut down the pear trees due to one of their shepherd dogs getting stung and being allergic to the sting almost died. So there are lots of bees in the neighborhood but I don't know where the hives are. Bees are essential to gardens and I'm glad to see the busy little bugs in my garden during the summer months. I just don't get to enjoy the nectar they produce. Have a great bee keeper day.

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