Incessant Cooing

| 6/16/2012 12:21:20 AM

You can always tell city slickers who move to the country: used to urban combat, they consider every part of the outdoors to be a war zone, and act accordingly:

1. They have a powerful desire to change things overnight. This is because they have arrived with a Vision (planting an orchard, gardening) and they view their new land acquisition as a Tabula Rasa (i.e. nothing, obviously, is in prior existence until they have personally laid hands upon it.)

2. They view local wildlife with trepidation, at best.

Now, some things I can understand. Despite their initial ‘cute’ feel, skunks (for example) hold little attraction once one’s nose gets a whiff of something that smells nastily akin to burnt coffee.

Our New Buddy Stinky

Other things are more puzzling.