50 Fall Hunting Tips

Enjoy your best season yet with hunting tips from this guide to hunting deer, turkeys, dove, pheasant, geese and ducks.

| September 2012

1001 Hunting Tips (Skyhorse Publishing, 2010) by Lamar Underwood and Nate Matthews is an all-encompassing and easy-to-read guide based on what these two outdoorsmen have learned after years of experience. Learn the best tactics, times to hunt, gear to bring and what to do once game has been taken with these nuggets of hunting wisdom, secrets and techniques. The following 50 hunting tips have been excerpted from the book. 

Deer hunting tips

#37. Hunt All Three Phases of the Rut 

A good deer hunter knows that there is not just one rut, but three. The first, called the pre-rut, occurs in early October, when mature, four- and five-year-old does first come into estrus. The second, known as the peak or primary rut, runs from late October to the last week of November, and is when the majority of female deer come into heat. The third, called the post-rut or late rut, takes place twenty-eight days after the end of the primary rut, as does that were not bred during October and November come back into estrus. These pre- and post-rut phases do not last long. Look for a sudden explosion of fresh buck sign, then hunt hard for several days using techniques, such as rattling, that take advantage of the increased aggression triggered by competition for a limited number of willing does.

#49. Let Blood Color Tell You How Fast to Follow a Wounded Buck 

Blood trails don’t just tell you the direction a wounded deer is moving. They can also provide good information about where on its body you shot the animal, and how quickly you should follow its trail. Bright red blood is full of oxygen and often means you’ve hit your deer in the lungs. Deer hit this way don’t go far, so you can pursue them quickly. Dark red or purple blood may indicate a gut shot. If you find such blood, particularly in conjunction with bits of intestinal fat, and there’s no precipitation forecast that could wash away or obscure the trail, consider giving the animal time to bed down and stiffen up before looking for a follow-up shot. Gut-shot deer often run long distances if they’re chased immediately after being wounded.

#72. Set up Multiple Stands to Beat the Wind 

9/30/2013 9:26:26 PM

Ya criticize the "city folk" with your superior attitude, aren't all ya'll country folk supposed to be all helpful and supportive of others looking to be self sufficient? AND then ya have the gall to call that hunting? I call it entrapment. hey, s'long as the freezers full.

9/30/2013 11:14:52 AM

Geee I would have thought everybody knew this stuff. Guess the city kids ain't as smart as they think. Guess I ll finish splitting wood and set up the feeder and set out salt block in the apple orchard. Figure I ll shoot mine off the back porch, that way I can have a hot cup of coffee and drag it back to the barn with the little tractor,,

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