How to Make a Refrigerator Smoker

We took an old metal 50's fridge and turned it into a large smoker. Now we can smoke our home grown meats for less!

Learn how to convert a refrigerator into a smoker with this how-to video. Your refrigerator smoker will fit more meat and cost less than a store-bought model.

The ‘conventional’ smokers out there hold 2 chickens maybe 3, unless you get the deluxe smoker for $400 that holds 6-8. Fuuey! Make your own! From start to finish this cost us $108 total, including the fridge. This cute bad boy does about 15 chickens at once, and has area to smoker an entire deer for jerky and hang large sausages and bacon. With the dampener, we can control the smoke and can also do cheeses on the top of the fridge. In this demonstration, we have one burner that gets the fridge to 130 degrees. Adding a second burner allows us to up the temp to 325 and cook the meat as well.

Check out the video below to make your own.

  • Updated on Jun 26, 2022
  • Originally Published on Jan 22, 2021
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