How to Create a Chicken Dust Bath for Winter Bathing

| 1/22/2013 12:04:00 PM

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Chicken dust bath 

When you live in a rainforest, it rains.  (Right about now you're probably thinking, "No kidding [or insert expletive here], Sherlock.")

Stay with me here.

Are you ready for another ridiculously obvious statement? (I'm on a roll!)  Lots of rain means lots of mud. 

So What's the Problem, Lady? Are You Scared of Getting Mud on Your Shoes?

Before you think I'm whining about the rain or scared of getting dirty, it's not about me. If I was scared of mud, I'd still be living in a townhouse.

Here's the deal - when you live in a rainforest, and it rains all winter, and you have 20 chickens that need to keep their skin and feathers healthy, and you can't let them free range very often because your property is surrounded by hungry coyotes and hawks, you have a problem.

10/3/2014 5:53:54 PM

I use a really small and really old wading pool. Hard plastic round one that we have had for about 18 years now. I transplant several of my plants in the fall and toss the old dirt into the pool with a couple of buckets full of ash from the woodburner and any sand that is still hanging around in the green house or the garage. In the summer I fill it with water and place 2 frozen milk jugs in it with greens and herbs to keep the girls cooled off. They love their pool all year long.

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