How did a Turtle Share How Aquaculture Works?

| 7/20/2012 5:04:32 PM

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A photo of ChrisThis Turtle didn’t really speak the words, she did however share how aquaculture works.  I know that this sounds quite bizarre and it is, but you need to understand how much I enjoy the company of animals and helping them out.

With the recent Colorado Fires as well as record temperatures and no humidity of what feels like months, the lake levels have gone down tremendously, some of creeks have dried up and natural water supplies for the animals in nature are lacking.  We currently live in a very small neighborhood, about 2 miles from the nearest lake.

There is a stream that flows into it, but it is dry. If there is not Aqua, then there is no way to show how Aquaculture works.  Or is there?  It is a great lesson on how important we as humans are in the survival or our environment, as it makes us aware how the way we live affects others.

Three days ago, while out in the garden, I spotted a cat stalking something on the other side of our car.  I walked around the car, and there was this good size box turtle hissing at the cat, fighting for its life.  I of course scared the cat away and offered the turtle some water.  She declined, she was more interested in fleeing from what she saw as danger.

We placed her in the garden underneath the shade of the plants and let her catch her breath and rest. 

aquaculture turtle 450x300 How did a Turtle Share How Aquaculture Works? 

7/23/2012 3:04:13 PM

Chris, that's a great animal rescue story. All of nature is suffering this year from the droughts, fires, floods, and wind storms. The weather is totally extreme this year. There doesn't seem to be any moderation in the weather patterns. This story is about only one turtle and some would say that it won't make that much difference but to that turtle it made all the difference in the world. Thanks for being a kind rescue person. Have a great day in the garden.

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