Horse Barn Building: Part 1

| 3/10/2010 3:38:58 PM

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Red Pine Mountain logoAre you thinking of building a barn but you don’t know where to start? You don’t need contractors or even a lot of help to make your dreams come true. Join me as Mountain Man builds my dream barn.

When I decided I couldn’t live without horses, Mountain Man said I had to have a new barn. I was perfectly content to use the old, historic barn on our property but Mountain Man said the old barn sat on swampy land and the horses needed dryer ground. We went over design after design and finally decided on two oversized box stalls, a large chicken room, a tack room, a loft area and, of course, storage for some of Mountain Man’s equipment. No, we didn’t pick up the phone and call for help. That wasn’t in our budget so Mountain Man has built the entire structure by himself, from logging the lumber to the actual building of the barn.

First, he did the site work, which meant terracing some of our pasture, putting in a well and then getting started on laying out the stalls.

Mountain Man prepares the barn site and sets up the stalls

We are have two stalls and the chicken room is on the far right. We brought in the fill dirt from another part of our farm.

The two stalls and the chicken room

Working on the lumber for the floor joists.

jacqueline ryckman
5/25/2011 8:35:43 PM

This may sound like a very stupid question as I am new to living in a very rural area, outside of town and city limits, are building permits not required or are they more relaxed than those within the city/town limits? I want to build my home [but this will mostly be done through a contractor except for the interior finishing work which I plan on doing myself] and some small out buildings for small animals, garden / tool storage, feed storage, studio, etc. Do people generally need building permits for these small outbuildings and if so how difficult are they to obtain without a contractor or architect and how difficult is it to follow the regulations out in the middle of nowhere far away from the city / town?

mountain woman
3/12/2010 2:09:53 PM

Cindy, Thanks for visiting! I never thought I'd need a barn either or ever have a horse of my own. So many dreams have come true for me and I consider myself very fortunate. We're almost done with the barn. It's been done over 3 years because Mountain Man has to make a living too and not just build me barns but I was really happy even when it was just framed. He hasn't had any help with it which has made it quite a challenge for him. I think your potting shed sounds like a wonderful idea. Yes, there is lots of building going on at Grit and I bet we'll have lots of wonderful adventures to read. Can't wait for your next post.

cindy murphy
3/12/2010 12:14:34 PM

Wow! There seems to be building going on everywhere here at Grit...from Poor Man's Patios, to mudrooms; chicken nesting boxes and now a barn! I've always wanted a barn; old - new, I just love them. I can just see the expression on Hubs' face though, if I said "hey, Honey, build me a barn"...pretty much because, what would I do with one here in town? I've got plans for my dream a potting shed though, and one day, I'll have it. I just have to convince Hubs I actually need one. Can't wait to see your finished dream barn, Mountain Woman. From what's there so far, it looks like it'll be grand!

mountain woman
3/11/2010 3:50:35 PM

Thanks Tammy. Mountain Man has certainly been a blessing in my life allowing me to live my country dreams. Now to finally get chickens after waiting all these years :-) Thanks for dropping by.

3/11/2010 3:22:30 PM

Loved the pictures and post! I have one of those hardworking guys too (I just wish he had more time to devote to MY projects and not his job.. LOL!). So wonderful that everything was done, start to finish by Mountain Man on the farm. Even incorporating a chicken room.. love it!

mountain woman
3/11/2010 5:15:41 AM

Thanks Pam. He'll finish it this summer. Just got the siding to go and he already made it last year. My barn gets put on the back burner for income producing projects. I think you and I are Farm Sisters.

3/10/2010 4:18:05 PM

Mountain Woman, I can't wait to see the finished barn. It all looks very familiar. My husband built our house and all the out buildings on our farm, too. Your barn has a fine strong foundation. Just what farm life is all about! Great pictures and post. GaFarmWoman Pam Life on a Southern Farm

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