Hoop House Construction Continues

| 3/26/2009 4:32:16 PM

KC ComptonWork on the high tunnel greenhouse continued today, after several delays due to wind. Trying to wrangle large sheets of plastic in the spring winds of Kansas isn't anyone's idea of fun.

I still wonder how aforementioned plastic is going to hold up to aforementioned wind, but other farmers in our neighborhood have these very same structures and swear by them, so we shall see.

Hoop house interior

Next: planting heirloom tomatoes! Followed eventually by eating and canning heirloom tomatoes. Yesss!

Hoop house with helpful dog

And in this photo, you'll see a certain little blonde dog busily helping the Fieldstone crew by running circles around them as they wrestled plastic. He also helped the geese get in the water by chasing them to water's edge and the cat get in the barn by charging her as she emerged to stretch in the sunshine. CP is a very helpful dog.