Homemade Orange Peel Vinegar Chicken Coop Cleaner

| 6/12/2012 10:36:13 AM

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Lately I have been looking for recipes to make my own natural homemade cleaning products.  I'm sure you all have seen the orange peel vinegar cleaning spray all over pinterest. In fact, if you google 'homemade orange peel cleaner' 4.4 million hits appear. 4.4 million. So this idea certainly isn't original. But it seems effective and won't harm the environment, our lungs or our pets. I whipped up a batch using the instructions from one of the 4.4 million links and set it aside to 'age'. 
 orange squirt bottle
Then thought I would kick it up a  notch and make some for cleaning the chicken coop.  I already clean the coop with white vinegar and water but thought the orange peel would make a nice addition since citrus oil is a natural insect deterrent and proven solvent.
I also decided to add some cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon oil kills mosquito larvae.  Vanilla beans went in next because vanilla repels flies, mosquitoes and other insects.  
 two jars of cleaner aging
Here's my 'recipe':
Four oranges
Two cinnamon sticks
Two vanilla beans
 Bottle of white vinegar
Two canning jars
Spray bottle
Peel the oranges and divide the peels between the two canning jars.  Break the cinnamon sticks in half and add two halves to each jar.  Slit the vanilla beans, cut in half and add two halves to each jar.
 dry ingredients
Pour in enough vinegar to completely cover.  White vinegar is a natural disinfectant. It has antibacterial properties, kills mold and is also an ant repellent.  Apple cider vinegar, while great for adding to your chickens water and drinking yourself for all its health benefits, shouldn't be used here - only white vinegar. Apple cider vinegar will attract fruit flies.
 add vinegar
Then set the jars in your pantry, in the cupboard or on the kitchen counter to 'age' for about a month.  Shake the jars every few days to reinvigorate the contents.   The mixture should start to turn orangish-tan and smell fragrant.
When ready to use, strain the contents into a spray bottle to use full strength or pour into a bucket and dilute with water.  I will use the spray bottle to spray my roosts and then use the mixture diluted in a pail with a mop to scrub the coop walls and floors.
I hope you'll whip up a batch of this safe and natural cleaner for next time you clean your chicken coop.  Right now I'm off to add some cinnamon sticks and vanilla bean to the batch I made for our kitchen !  I like the idea of insect repelling qualities as well as the fragrant scent for us as well as the chickens.
 Ready to spray
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makenna vanegas
6/13/2012 3:13:40 PM

Great idea! I will use this for my coop! With 20+ chickens...It sure STINKS in my coop! Eeeeeeww!

chris west-south
6/13/2012 4:09:53 AM

Thats a great idea for the coop.. i love it, i have a parrot rescue here and i like to use all natural stuff for that also.. as the birds of any kind cant do harmful toxic cleaners. Iam going to use that recipe for cleaning the cages of the parrots also.. thank you for posting.. love the ideas u all have

nebraska dave
6/13/2012 3:36:05 AM

Lisa, you must have the best smelling chicken coop in the country. Unfortunately, my chicken coop experiences were not sweet smelling and always happened in July with sweltering heat after all the chickens had been processed. It was a wonder that I made it through those experiences but then I was young and didn't know that ammonia could cause harm to the lungs. So far it hasn't been an issue in the ageing process. I hope it stays that way. Our coop only had chickens in it for about six weeks out of the year. I wish I knew about your sweet smelling disinfectant back in my youth days. Have a great sweet smelling coop day.

tracy peters
6/13/2012 1:40:46 AM

I am sure it not only works well, but smells wonderful also. Definitely will try it this weekend.

jodie riggs lynch
6/13/2012 12:27:08 AM

Great idea. Orange Oil is expensive at the feed store. Works great on fire ants here in north central Texas.

kimberly mencke
6/12/2012 9:37:23 PM

I love this idea! So much friendlier than bleach water mix.

tracey merchant
6/12/2012 9:26:05 PM

That is a wonderful article! Thank you for the great recipe. So interesting!!

christina ramos
6/12/2012 9:14:47 PM

I seen this on Pinterest. Totally making it this week. THANKS

theresa wanket cardillo
6/12/2012 8:53:57 PM

What a great idea. More natural...the better!

shannon monson
6/12/2012 7:49:04 PM

This sounds great! I like the addition ingredients of vanilla and cinnamon--will have to try this!

linda harrison
6/12/2012 7:40:58 PM

I bet this could be used as an all-purpose cleaner for everything! I'm gonna make it and let you know. Thanks!!!!

diana brown
6/12/2012 7:35:34 PM

I bet it smells devine!!

susan johnston
6/12/2012 7:12:56 PM

I have used this without the vanilla bean and cinnamon but I think I will add them with the next batch! Love this stuff.

nikki ashley
6/12/2012 6:51:30 PM

I went out and bought oranges and vanilla beans just so I can do this! I don't think my daughters and husband will complain about eating oranges. I can't wait until it is ready and I can clean clean clean with it!

melissa hovinga
6/12/2012 6:49:30 PM

Have to try this! :)

gillian wass
6/12/2012 6:48:14 PM

I can't wait to try this...I've pinned it!

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