His Name is Fred...

| 11/25/2012 9:48:44 AM

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The biggest challenge to country living can be ‘name that creature’. Domestic or wild. 

I’m talking the unseen but vocal night critters, those which successfully devastated our koi pond multiple times whilst showing neither feather nor fur, and a few unexpected visitors.

I developed a handy animal naming system which serves equally well for all outdoor residents.

To wit:

When I observed the unlikely (but right-before-my-very-eyes) scenario of a flat mop in the Back 40 flopping its way happily in the fields and ran screaming to The Peanut Gallery that magic was, indeed, alive and a witches’ broom was BEING MADE up there. Even HE, Mr. Non-Believer in Magic, ran at lightning speed up to the Back 40 on that one and became equally puzzled (and semi-convinced in Magic) before scientific consultation (i.e.Google) concluded it was a rare California Badger scouring the ground up there. “His name,” I announced authoritatively, “is Fred.”


11/27/2012 12:26:17 AM

Diane, yes my battle with nature will seriously begin next year. I have to keep telling myself, "After all they were here first and I'm the one invading their territory." As you know from my blog, Nebraska Phil the local groundhog resident has a door to his underground den right by next year's pumpkin patch. I really hope he doesn't become too much of a rascal because I would like him to stay. If he really gets too greedy, then I'll have to find him a new home. Relocation and not death would be my action. Have a great day with the wild life.

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