Hatching Baby Chicks

I am excited to be a contributing blogger for GRIT! I hope the bit of life on the farm I share here entertains and inspires GRIT blog readers. Thanks for joining me in the fun!

Earlier this week, John’s Chicken hatched 11 of the 12 eggs she so diligently cared for during their incubation. She discovered that the back corner of the goat house was the perfect location for her nest. So she sat.

Twenty-one days passed, and one by one, her little chicks broke free from their egg and joined our extended menagerie of critters on the farm. Life here will be good for them, full of adventure, friends, and good eats. But first, lessons on bug hunting.

John’s Chicken gave precise direction on exactly how to go about searching for bugs. The chicks all paid very close attention.

Searching for snacks is exhausting. Take 5.

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  • Published on Jun 2, 2010
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