Goodnight Sophia: A Shepherd's Bedtime Story

| 12/23/2011 10:12:52 AM

Christine Byrne head shotOnce upon a time there was a beautiful golden sheep named Sophia. She and her three best friends, Dorothy, Blanche and Rose, lived on a farm. They spent their summer days eating green grass and lounging under the shade trees. During the winter they could usually be found nibbling on crunchy hay inside their warm barn. The shelter was small but solidly built and filled with comfortable straw to rest on.  

Each morning the shepherd would open the barn doors and pour out a very small amount of corn for them as a treat. In the evening, just before bedtime Sophia and her friends would follow the shepherd into the barn where they would each receive an animal cracker before the doors were closed to keep them safe. It was a good life.

One particularly cold and blustery day Sophia grew tired of the animal crackers. She thought they were rather bland and tasteless.
She would prefer to have more corn. That night, when the other sheep followed the shepherd into the barn, she stayed outside refusing to go in.

The shepherd asked her, "What's wrong, Sophia?"

"I don't like animal crackers anymore, I would rather have corn," she said.


"But I don't have any corn, Sophia,” said the shepherd.

Chuck Mallory
12/31/2011 9:23:24 PM

What a great story! Love how it worked with the pix. Very creative. Can't wait to see more.

Kris Bethea
12/28/2011 2:58:54 PM

That is so much fun! Thanks for blogging it!! Especially with the pictures! *grin*

12/28/2011 4:02:29 AM

They sound about as much fun as my 3 hooligans. I came home yesterday pouring down rain and the driveway is full of their toys, cleared things off and they were back this morning, cleared things off and they were back when I got home from work.