Good day for doing things I’ve been putting off like defrosting the freezer

| 2/8/2013 9:43:19 PM


My freezer is next to my washing machine. One day recently, well maybe a few weeks or months ago, I took my clothes out of the dryer and hung them over the washing machine until they could be ironed.  I tend to iron as I need things or if I’m having a gathering at my house and I need to have the counter across from the dryer available for food, desserts and things like that.   I haven’t had one lately, so the pile has gotten rather large and overflowed to the washing machine.  One day I went to get something out of the freezer and one of the pants legs of one of the slacks got caught in the door.  The result when I found it a few days later was a huge icing inside of the freezer.  I’ve been putting off defrosting until a cold wintery day.  

  old veggies   

I usually plan an open garden brunch in the spring to make myself clean house, another chore I dislike.  If it’s pretty, I’m outside working in the yard or driving around taking nature photos.  I’ve been doing a lot of that lately and the dust bunnies are getting to the point that I’m embarrassed to let anyone in the house.  

Since we were having freezing rain I needed to go and get milk and bread this morning, but thought it might be better to stay home.  I wanted an omelet and toast for breakfast, but only had the end crusts. As I looked at the two pieces in the bag, I could hear Mom telling me that “I would have loved to have that while I was in concentration camp”.   We always got that story instead of the poor starving children in India story when we didn’t want to eat something.  Don’t tell Mom I said that.  

   not sure