Kidding Season is Under Way

| 3/19/2014 1:50:00 PM

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Erin BaldwinWinter won’t release its grip, hammering us with ten more inches of snow overnight Sunday and into Monday morning. This winter has worn us down with week after week of extremely bitter temperatures, which is not only hard on a soul longing for summer but hard on the animals around the homestead as well. It seems summer just can’t come soon enough.

Before this last storm rolled in, we did have a fleeting burst of fair weather, perfectly timed for the arrival of our third kid this season. Our mixed breed goat, Helen, came to our herd this past summer and this is her first kidding. A little buckling whom we named Heinz presented perfectly and was born mid-day Saturday.


Three days later he’s strong and romping around his pen.

Amy Heinza 


4/14/2014 10:06:29 AM

Thanks NebraskaDave. So far this kidding season has been going great. Since this post one of our Nubains has given birth to twin doelings and we have another in labor today. So exciting.

3/22/2014 9:58:54 PM

Erin, kidding season can be the best of times and the worst of times. The concern is always of survival during the birthing process. My hopes and prayers are that you would have all uneventful births with healthy strong off spring. Spring is such an exciting time with being surrounded by fresh new life. My hopes for you are that the temperatures will indeed warm up for this time of kidding. ***** Have a great kidding season day.

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