Goat Jungle Gym

| 5/31/2011 10:47:51 AM

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A-photo-of-Evan-Blake-WelchGRIT Guest Blogger Evan Blake Welch hails from Louisville, Colorado. After a year of learning and pizza throwing, he's back in GRIT-land showing off his newfound skills writing articles and helping out on the website and social media channels (catch him on our Twitter feed). 

It’s summer and that means the trek to Rancho Cappuccino has been made and the dewy guttural mornings of goat, chicken, sheep and donkey calls have awoken in my reality. Always there are projects here and there that keep me busy and curious. Never though has one been like the goat ‘jungle gym’, designed for entertainment alone. I’ve done work to increase comfort for the Cappuccino menagerie, but a jungle gym?

Gym Beginnings 

I won’t go into the why factor of such a project, because why not? The first nails have been pounded into the pallets and the imagination is growing. It’s not a hard task to entice these sprite-full guys. The materials thrown over the fence are sufficiently used already.

Goat goats 

Gym Pic