Getting Ready for Goat Babies

| 2/27/2013 12:41:28 PM

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Nubian Goats

The past two weeks have been an odd mix of worry and excitement. Our three dairy goats Esther, Nan and Gretta are expecting babies any time and my mothering instinct has kicked in. Lord help the person who tries to get me out of the house for more than 2 hours at a time. I am still dealing with the “let nature take its course” mentality, and I do believe that nature knows best…I do. I know that goats have been doing this for thousands of years without human help. But goats in the wild also die, their babies die and freeze to death, they starve and perish sometimes and that too is a part of nature.

Alpine Goat

Our goats don’t live in the wild. We are responsible for them and that is a responsibility I take to heart. If there’s something I can do to ease their pain, make them more comfortable, healthier or successful in their pregnancies, then I’m going to do it…even if it means they have to admit me when it’s all said and done. 

 Angora Goat Kid

Last year we bred our Angora does, Knit and Purl. The first delivery went marvelous. We took a break from the watch to take a nap, and when we went out, there was a perfect little doeling (Beatrix) curled up next to Knit happily being licked from head to toe. Our other doe, Purl, was a stinker! She had a little trouble delivering our buckling Ichabod, and we had to re-adjust him. Then once he was out, she rejected him and wouldn’t allow him to nurse. We bottle raised him, it was trying at times but I can’t deny the bond it created between me and that little goat. (For more about the birth of our Angora Kids read my post Our Kidding Story

linda leskovská
3/5/2013 5:34:04 AM

And I LOVE the pics. You can almost smell the barn:)

linda leskovská
3/5/2013 5:32:14 AM

So sweet. I also learned (albeit not with goats, but birds, cats and primates:) that animal mothers pretty much know best, although I empathize completely with your over-protectiveness. I think its wonderful that you are so invested. Lucky goats. Good luck with the deliveries.

jennifer sartell
2/28/2013 5:31:29 PM

Thanks so much Nebraska Dave! It's amazing isn't it? :)

nebraska dave
2/28/2013 2:33:35 PM

Jennifer, spring babies of any kind are an exciting time. When new life comes into the world, it's an amazing event to watch. We never had goats or sheep on the farm but many cows and pigs. I was always amazed by how quickly the animals could stand up and walk. It takes a human a whole year to figure that out and an animal just a few minutes. Good luck with all your deliveries. Have a great goat birthing day.

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