The Day the Geese Vanished

| 6/7/2016 10:20:00 AM

Allyson CrockettAlthough it’s quiet and peaceful here at Eagle Hill, there’s never a dull moment. Here’s a recent example of one of those never-dull moments.

My two dogs, Ted and Braxton, are free-range dogs. They have the run of the place and every morning at first light, they leave their cozy beds and go out to do their secret dog business.

They love to bark at the wild birds, and since the birds also get up at first light, it works out well for them. Maybe they planned it that way. Who knows? They’re always back in their beds by the time I get up.

On this particular day, they did their morning thing and I thought nothing of it. I got up, gave everyone breakfast and got on with my day. Mid-morning I went to check that the geese had food and everything was okay with them.

No geese. Calling here goosy goosy yielded nothing. Thinking back, I should have noticed how quiet it was out there. Geese are rarely quiet and I’m so used to the noise they make it should have sounded strange without it. Once I noticed the absence of geese, it did seem strangely quiet. Chalk one up for hindsight.

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