Friends Are Everywhere

| 6/9/2010 10:29:32 AM

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Red Pine Mountain logoLogan Log Dog, named because of his love of carrying huge logs, wanted to go for a hike in the woods but he didn’t want to go alone.

His best friend, Emma, was playing dress up as girls sometimes like to do.

Emma the golden retriever, plays dress up.

But Logan decided to go anyway. “Gee I wish I had a friend,” Logan thought as he headed towards the woods. But wait, what was that up ahead? A red and white creature. “Maybe it’s friendly? I think I’ll go see.”

Logan Log Dog meets Bliss the mini horse for the first time.

“You don’t smell like a dog,” Logan said. “But you’re about the same size as me.”

mountain woman
6/10/2010 12:18:30 PM

Hey Farm Woman Pam, Thanks for visiting me. And thanks for your very kind comments. I've been thinking lots about boiled peanuts and black eyed peas lately. Sometimes I really miss the South. Happy canning.

mountain woman
6/10/2010 12:16:49 PM

Cindy, I loved the story about the fox. I can see them now involved in a game and someone saying stop and they ask why. Lately 2 deer have been coming into our pasture at dusk and they are playing chase with my mini horse. It's been a blast to watch them. I would love to understand what they are thinking and I get such pleasure out of watching them. I love our woods. I never leave our farm unless I'm dragged out of here. I think it's even more special to me because I've arrived here late in life and it has always been my dream. I feel very blessed. And it's a good thing Mountain Man doesn't care so much about a clean house cause I'm always out playing and gardening and caring for animals and when I'm not I'm on the computer :-) Thanks so much for visiting me.

cindy murphy
6/10/2010 9:47:17 AM

Mountain Woman, what cute photos and dialog to go along with them! Don't you just wonder what animals are really saying to each other...or what it is exactly that they're telling us. A friend recently shared photos of a set of red fox kits that took to eating cat food off her front porch. Her sister's dog would chase the kits, hot on their tails until my friend screamed for the dog to stop. The foxes stopped when the dog did, whining for her to continue, until the game started up again. A real life fox and the hound scene! I loved your comment to Dave about your private wilderness. My family would have to drag me out it if I could just go out the back door and walk into such a magical place as yours; I'm sure I'd want to spend all my time there, and nothing would get done around the house! Thanks for such a fun post!

6/10/2010 9:20:24 AM

Hi Mountain Woman, I love this story! It would make such a cute children book story. I'll have to show my grandkids when they come over later today. They will love the pictures. Have a great day(I have to get back to canning green beans now) Gafarmwoman Pam

mountain woman
6/9/2010 2:56:05 PM

Nebraska Dave, Yes, I'm very fortunate to have my very own private wilderness. Mountain Man has created miles of logging trails which are great for hiking, biking, riding and in the winter, snowshoeing (which I took up last year) and cross country skiing. And, of course, I always have animals with me. Now, I tote along a horse on a lead line :-) No bugs in our woods for some reason. I'll get buzzed by the occasional deer fly but they don't bite. It's a spiritual place for me in our woods, complete with a graveyard from the early 1800s. I find my inspiration there always and hope for the future as well and my fondest wish is to fight and keep this property intact for future generations to enjoy. I know what you mean about kids missing out being glued to video games. We were lucky to grow up in the era we did. Your town sounds wonderful and a great place to live. Don't like those chiggers though :-) Thanks so much for visiting me!!

mountain woman
6/9/2010 2:49:07 PM

Heather, Thank you so much for visiting me on Grit!!! I would love to see the beautiful Oregon mists. What a wonderful place to live and I love the description hauntingly beautiful as well. Thanks so much for sharing this with me.

nebraska dave
6/9/2010 2:16:16 PM

MW, it’s amazing how animals can get along with each other. It was a cute story about a walk in the woods. Your property is conducive to going for walks with such scenery to explore. I can certainly see why you like to take your animals for a walk every day. I did have woods and ditches to explore when growing up and wonder at the experiences lost by kids that don’t have such things to fill there learning years. After reaching adulthood, I still find it a pleasant memory to think about those days of care free living. Enjoying playing a game outdoors with neighborhood kids is just not the same as playing an outdoor video game by one’s self. I have to wonder just how much life is real as opposed to media stimulation. We have plenty of wooded park areas here with bicycle trails and walking trails all through the parks. The only problem with woods here is the bugs, ticks, chiggers if sitting on the grass, and at night mosquitoes. Although I am not prone to bites of any kind many who live here will not go outside during the evening and dark hours. What a shame that they have to miss all the beauty of evening and night. Thanks for sharing your stories about all your cute little miniature animals.

heather h:)_1
6/9/2010 1:51:05 PM

Loved this story of the two best buds :) :) :) Oh, I also happened to see the sunset,sunrise photos. Wonderful... In Oregon we have mist that rises off the mountains right after it rains..It's hauntingly beautiful...and magical, like a faerie tale. I couldn't figure out the right word...and now I've got it "ephemeral"...thanks ;) :) :) Many hugs and greetings from Oregon :)

mountain woman
6/9/2010 12:22:34 PM

Shannon, Thanks. They are all nice dogs for sure. All 7 of them :-)

s.m.r. saia
6/9/2010 11:58:35 AM

That is so cute! I can't imagine my dogs being that welcoming of another four-legged creature. What nice dogs.

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