Food Storage area and improvements on rain barrel.

| 3/3/2012 3:55:48 PM

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A photo of Nebraska DaveHey it's me again.  The Tulips and Daffodils are peeking up from the dark dreary depths of the under world to see what kind of year they will be beautifying.  So far they like it.  What's not to like.  The weather has been gorgeous.  Temperatures in the 40s and above with middle 30s at night.  I checked the backyard garden beds and they are thawed out but not quite dry enough to start working the soil.  I am so close to starting the fence building at Terra Nova Gardens.  I would imagine it's still a little greasy there.  That type of soil gets real sticky when wet.  I mean the kind that sticks to your boots until each foot weighs 10 pounds.  It's the kind that really grows things well but can't be rushed when it wet.  It needs a lot of compost mixed into the soil.  Of course with the size of the property, I can not only expand the garden but the composting as well.  I have a 168 foot bank that's covered with 11 years of accumulation of leaf drop from all different types of trees.  I should have enough material for garden compost for years to come.

  Storage Area Clean 

Now some of you will remember about this time last year I began to build a storage area in my basement.  News leaked out that old neighbor Dave was becoming an end of times prepper when actually all I was doing is providing a place to store a little reserve and a place to put some super bargains.  I thought it quite amusing that I would be thought of in that way but then again some weird things have happened and still happen in old Neighbor Dave's backyard.  It's all in fun and really everyone in the neighborhood gets along great.  Anyway here it is all cleaned up before construction began.

Basement Storage Area 

I have had some time to work on the area.  The insulation and drywall are installed.  The ceiling drywall was a bit of a challenge for sure.  The shelves are in there final resting place and you can see that some things are already being stored.  The top shelf has been designated for paper products.  I would like to get the ceiling light wired before the work stops except for rainy days.  This year will be a busy spring with all the garden expansion going on.

 Storage Area Light
5/15/2018 10:01:44 PM

I used the plans at WWW.EASYWOODWORK.ORG to build my own – I highly recommend you visit that website and check their plans out too. They are detailed and super easy to read and understand unlike several others I found online. The amount of plans there is mind-boggling… there’s like 16,000 plans or something like that for tons of different projects. Definitely enough to keep me busy with projects for many more years to come haha Go to WWW.EASYWOODWORK.ORG if you want some additional plans :)

Anabell Jones
12/17/2013 2:38:13 AM

You did some excellent arrangements while living at a distant location. Using the rain water in home is an excellent idea, and while you did it to create a better space for food storage, I appreciate you twice. Cleaning of the before winter and rains not only saves money, but also drops the troubles caused by roof leakages.

3/20/2012 8:07:59 PM

Nebraska Dave! Thanks for visiting me today. I started trying to catch up on my blog reading this past weekend but I was having technical trouble posting comments. Your rain barrel looks great, and I remember the shelves. That ought to give you a lot of extra space. I look forward to hearing how your gardening beds do this year!

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