The Fence vs. The Sheep

| 8/26/2008 11:12:00 AM

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Sheep escape artists

Good day, friends.

We begin yet another week together, and if you are looking ahead at the coming days, wondering if that elusive weekend will ever come, please, allow me to regale you with a tale of faith and frustration.

We just acquired our first herd of sheep this summer and the learning curve has been tremendous! Sheep are so different than cattle, which is what we are familiar with. The “woolies” as we have begun affectionately calling them decided that they were comfortable enough with their station to begin pushing their boundaries and experimenting with my patience.

It started about two weeks ago. A dear friend, Josh Marshall, came to stay for the weekend and helped me build a temporary perimeter fence. We used a type of wire that is woven with flexible plastic fibers and is very stretchy. Now, in order for you to understand what happened, I must give you a crash course on electric fencing.

Many of you have expressed concerns that electric fencing is a cruel method of animal detainment. Although that was true in the past where fences used much higher voltages, today’s fencing is a humane and highly effective fence alternative.

2/6/2015 4:51:27 AM

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helen rolf
2/21/2009 9:22:15 AM

I was reading a book on the stradegy of satan to defeat the believer when I thought about the word archenemy. Then this little voice said go look up arc. I was wondering what does this have to do wht archenemy? Electrical bridge??? As I scrolled down I came upon your article. As I read it, I began to laugh! What a wonderful lesson. The Lord has a line of defense around His little flock. Evertime to come up against His power we get a little prick like in scirpture Acts 9:5 Saul was up against the Lords power and was getting "goaded" by His power. Jesus keeps His lille flock surround by His Spirit and feeds them a pasture at a time, when we need it. We tend to want to run off such as your sheep. What a great lesson!! Thank you, God Bless. In Him Who loves us enough to teach us His boundaries, Helen

paul gardener
11/5/2008 1:42:47 PM

I agree...that "little voice" has saved me a number of times. Makes you better understand why, in the scriptures, so many lessons are related to caring for animals doesn't it?! Glad to hear it worked out well for you. P~

hank will_2
8/28/2008 11:43:14 AM

Hey Andy and Becky -- I really enjoyed reading of your electric fencing adventure. I think the technology is wonderful myself ... although I too have a love-hate relationship with it. When we had cattle, we managed our 150 cows and 20-some young bulls quite intensively and it wouldn't have been possible without electric fencing. I discovered one particularly vexing short after two days of getting shocked by different strands of "cold" barbed wire. I finally discovered a place where the deer managed to twist the top (cold) wire over the single hot wire and into the two loose cold strands below. Then there was the time the neighbor hired a logger to high-grade his woods. The logger dropped a tree on the fence and didn't bother to tell anyone. I found the cows in his alfalfa that evening ... but when they saw me, the boss cow just lead the whole group up the hill and back through the woods and into their pasture. It was as though they had a guilty conscience. I can't wait to learn more about your adventures.

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