Feeling a bit EGGY these days?

| 4/6/2013 2:40:00 AM

With the glorious rebirth of Spring, your lovely hens’ egg production will likely increase.  As the eggs stack up in your fridge, you will likely become quite creative with how you can incorporate them into all your meals.  Fresh eggs are one of the most simple, delicate pleasures on this earth.  However, after the fifteenth meal in a row where the main course involves eggs, your pleasure may begin to dwindle.  Instead of culling all the hens and replacing those egg meals with chicken, I have another solution…

1.  Use crushed eggs in your compost

2.  Use as paper mache for crafts-mix with water, flour and sugar

3.  Make your own spa hair treatment-mix egg yolk with water and olive oil

4.  Use the egg whites as leather cleaner

5.  Crush up a few egg shells and place in your coffee grounds prior to brewing-improves the taste of the coffee