Escaping Bummer Lambs - Part II

| 3/22/2012 12:20:00 PM

Sarah S HeadshotOur house is one of those that nobody comes to the front door unless they’re selling something or trying to change my religion. Everyone knows to come around back. So when there was a knock last week my first reaction was – Oh no, a lamb’s out again. Now, I just have to say that since the police officer episode, we haven’t had any lamb issues. But when I went to the door the conversation with the stranger went something like this. 

“Are those your sheep over there?” 

“Let me guess, one of them is . . .” 

Pluto the lamb comes barreling up on the front porch and jumps on me almost making it into the living room. 

“Little Man, get my shoes.” 

“It can come in.”