Your Horses Bit Your Tongue: 3 Elements to Becoming a Mastermind in Control

| 3/26/2015 2:51:00 PM

Jamie Cearley, PhDBits and tongues, tiny yet potent. Both are devices used in an attempt to control another. Ironically, controlling these unruly little tools themselves is such an arduous task, we often find our use of either utterly inadequate to accomplish anything good. It is natural to want to be in control, yet it is one of the most problematic aspects encountered in horsemanship as well as human relationships.

How can we gain control over these remarkable tools to get better results with horses and humans? Both struggles share a common foundation and therefore a single remedy. Now there is some good news to chew on.



There are three elements to consider when seeking to become a mastermind in control: technique, motivation, and end results. Let’s get the conversation started.