Tips for Choosing the Right Kids' Horse

| 5/16/2014 2:29:00 PM

Life and Adventures at Diamond W RanchI have always been horse crazy. My parents finally gave in to my badgering when I was about 8 years old, and bought me a horse. I think they were hoping I would grow out of it. But here I am at 40 and still as horse crazy as ever. It really is a sickness.

Now I have a daughter of my own. And while I can’t say she is as rabidly horse crazy as I was, she does love horses.

Princess Kate on Choctaw ready for a parade

She didn’t have any trouble getting her own horse, having her very own horse-crazy momma. But finding the RIGHT horse is certainly a challenge. Even with all my years of horse experience, it is still a nail-biting experience, searching for the “right one.”

So what DO you look for? I have a few pointers to share that I hope will help in your search for the right partner for your little cowboy or cowgirl to love.

Kate and Choctaw are such great friends