Fighting Llamas

| 4/11/2014 8:20:00 AM

Nancy AddieOh what a wonderful morning! The first thing I usually do is open my curtains to spy on the animals to see if they are being naughty or nice! This morning they have decided to be naughty!

I see Sweetie, our black Llama, in the front field, where she is NOT suppose to be! NOT A GOOD SIGN! I quickly get dressed and run out the non-stop swinging door, which I seem to be doing a lot lately. I can now see Sparky, the Tank and Dunkay in the Llama field, a very bad sign. I don’t see our boy Llamas Stormy and Sammie, or Lincoln, my Alpaca, an ‘Oh NO’ sign!

I sprint to the barn where I hear two Llamas fighting and Lincoln is now running to the back field screaming … I didn’t know Alpacas can scream! It’s an eerie sound, nothing like their warning call. In the barn are two full-grown male Llamas that out weigh me by 150 pounds each, fighting, making sounds that would make a grown man stop and back away praying that they don’t see him!

I have to form a plan, quickly. Do I let them fight their way out of the barn, or do I yell like a crazy lady waving my arms outside where people can see me? I yell. They both stop, look at me, look back at each other, then back at me. I swear they both had a look of amusement on their faces. After sharing a laugh between themselves, they decided to go back doing what boy Llamas do best … fight.

I gave up. I trudged my way through the thick mud to the back field and chased two horses and a donkey back into their own pasture. Meantime Lincoln is in the corner of the fence panicking, wailing out his distress sounds. Both goats are in the barn hiding under the food bin and the kitties are going about cat business, they want to be fed … now!

Stormy decided that he had had enough of Sammy and searches for Lincoln, which got him out of the barn. He galloped over to where Lincoln was trembling, then chased him along the fence. A grunting Llama with his head close to the behind of a screaming Alpaca! Oh, where was my camera! While those two were running back and forth, it gave me a chance to herd both girl Llamas into the side yard with the promise of tasty grain.