Another Spring on the Homestead

| 5/19/2014 10:02:00 AM


Ginnie BakerI can’t believe that another spring has arrived here on the homestead! Time is passing much too quickly.

We’ve had a few very warm days so far in May but, now, it’s back to wet and cold temperatures. Yesterday, we had hail, rain and temperatures that never got above 50 F.

Samson and Delilah have been able to enjoy some time outside, but the last couple of days, they’ve been cooped up in the barn and they aren’t too happy!

The first day they were liberated in the warm weather was a day of celebration. Their braying echoed through the hills!

Delilah was the first to head out of the barn at a canter ... she’s so laid-back she seldom runs or does anything in a hurry! She made an ambling beeline for her pasture and her old sand pile. She had a wonderful time rolling, trying to get the winter hair off her generous body. She seems to roll in slow motion, unlike Samson who does everything at full-speed!