Endangered Livestock

Did you know that many breeds of livestock and poultry are more endangered than the Giant Panda? Want to learn more about these breeds?

ALBC E-News is a great way to get plugged into heritage livestock breeds and learn more about the effort to conserve these breeds for future generations. While most of ALBC’s publications and activities are member-focused, this E-News is open to the public.

The newsletter contains a variety of content about endangered breeds of livestock and poultry. Want to know how to get started with rare breeds? Need a chicken that will perform well in cold weather? Want to know how chefs around the country are using rare breed meats?

The E-News tries to tackle some of the common questions about rare breeds, but also pairs the facts with interesting real-life stories and projects dealing with rare breeds.

Go to the ALBC website to sign up.

  • Published on Feb 23, 2010
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