Egg Osmosis

| 5/22/2012 2:23:24 PM

This week we’re learning about osmosis. Little Man doesn’t fully understand the concept – however we found an AWESOME experiment to illustrate osmosis with items in our kitchen.  

Items you need: 

1 raw egg 

1 ½ cups vinegar 

1 ½ cups corn syrup 

Jar with lid 

5/23/2012 2:11:30 PM

Sarah, that's a very interesting experiment. I'm not sure of the physics behind the corn syrup shrinking the egg. Vinegar I know is acid based and would erode the shell of the egg which would allow the contents of the egg to expand. I think it's great that you are teaching the practical things in life through visual means. Your son will be well educated when he reaches maturity. It's been quite interesting to follow your very different teaching methods for your son. If more kids were taught that way perhaps we would have a better world. Have a great experimental day.