Egg Eating - 7 Possible Causes and Ways to Break this Messy Habit

| 7/2/2012 6:08:21 PM

Egg eating by your chickens is a bad habit that gets harder to break the longer you let it go on.  Many say that culling the offender(s) is the only way to stop it but I offer that there are a few less drastic solutions.

 egg eaters

It generally starts by accident. An egg gets stepped on or otherwise breaks, one curious hen pecks at it and thinks - hmm this tastes good.  She will then start breaking eggs as they are laid, and soon other hens will follow her lead and you'll have a whole flock laying eggs and proceeding to eat them.

There are several things that can cause egg eating to start:

1) Weak-Shelled Eggs

Weak shells