EGG BLOWING 101 and Egg Decorating Instructions

| 6/12/2012 6:42:52 PM

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 Egg Blowing Instructions and Egg Decorating Ideas 1 

You just collected your first egg and it’s spectacular. You're not really going to bash its shell on the counter, are you? ~gasp!~  Eggs can be preserved by blowing out the contents and cleaning them for years of enjoyment.

Looking for a fun craft project that makes a great gift? Decorate them for the holidays!

  Egg Blowing and Decorating DIY Instructions Christmas Egg Ornament 

  Egg Blowing and Decorating DIY Instructions Christmas Egg Tree 

Egg blowing isn’t difficult, it just takes a little patience and practice. I don't recommend practicing on a special or favorite egg as beginning attempts tend to result in breakage. The three basic steps to blowing an egg are: 1. Put hole(s) in egg, 2, Empty contents 3. Clean inside of egg. Using room temperature eggs makes emptying the egg much easier than with a cold egg.

kathy mormino
6/15/2012 5:15:18 PM

Congratulations Jules!! That's so eggciting!

jules honeycutt capozella
6/15/2012 1:49:02 PM

Our First Red Star Egg laid yesterday and we are going to keep it forever too !!!

kathy mormino
6/15/2012 12:09:01 PM

Thank you for saying so, Jody! My pleasure. :)

michel richad
6/15/2012 1:53:14 AM

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jody pautsch-wygans
6/14/2012 5:07:25 PM

Great instructions and beautiful ideas. Thanks!

kathy mormino
6/14/2012 1:37:09 PM

Elisha there are a ton of great projects to make with them all year long. Have a ball!

kathy mormino
6/14/2012 1:36:33 PM

And so it does, Whittni!

kathy mormino
6/14/2012 1:36:07 PM

Is it chicken-themed, by chance, Lynn? LOL!

elisha hutchinson
6/14/2012 12:56:17 PM

This is great information! Made some blown eggs myself and I am looking for a great craft project to use them on. This burlap decoration is a beautiful idea! I would love to win it, not only for decorating my home but to get a better idea of how to do it for my friends and family!

whittni o'brien
6/14/2012 5:32:08 AM

I hope this doubles my chance to win!

lynn gray
6/14/2012 4:31:45 AM

The Burlap and Blown Eggs centerpiece is one of the prettiest I have seen! I absolutely love it. It would go so perfectly in my newly remodeled/redecorated living room!

kathy mormino
6/14/2012 3:27:05 AM

Hi Pam. I'm not quite sure what you're asking, sorry. :(

pam rodrigues
6/14/2012 1:36:06 AM

hi im new to blogging. Do you blog here about crafting w/ eggs or go to the blog section at top of page & pick one? thanks

kathy mormino
6/13/2012 10:54:22 PM

How old are they Felicia?

kathy mormino
6/13/2012 10:54:09 PM

Sorry Heidi! I was typing as fast as I could. LOL

kathy mormino
6/13/2012 10:53:50 PM

Thank you Christina! Have a blast!

kathy mormino
6/13/2012 10:53:36 PM

Thank you Spencer. They're really inexpensive and available all over the internet.

kathy mormino
6/13/2012 10:53:07 PM

Thanks Brya! :)

kathy mormino
6/13/2012 10:52:54 PM

You're welcome. Have fun!

kathy mormino
6/13/2012 10:52:37 PM

My pleasure Nikki! I'd love to see how yours come out! Start collecting and blowing eggs out now because molting in the fall tends to interfere with production and then the holiday madness begins soon thereafter! :)

felicia johnson
6/13/2012 10:34:01 PM

I am so excited to make christmas ornaments. My girls can't start laying soon enough.

kathy mormino
6/13/2012 9:44:44 PM

LOL, thanks Kerri. :)

kathy mormino
6/13/2012 9:44:33 PM

Shelly, I think that would be gorgeous! I'd love to see them when you're finished!

heidi newman
6/13/2012 7:29:00 PM

So sad I didn't see this before my first egg 2 saturdays ago. BOOHOO! I would have done it for sure!

christina ramos
6/13/2012 7:22:29 PM

I love all these ideas! Can't wait to get started.

spencer noble
6/13/2012 7:16:53 PM

That is very neat.. I will have to get one of those small kits for blowing out the egg.

brya rahn
6/13/2012 7:10:18 PM

awesome ideas I love it :)

elissa shriver
6/13/2012 7:07:43 PM

I didn't even know you could do this! I am very excited to get out there and try some of these wonderful ideas. Thank you!

nikki ashley
6/13/2012 7:04:52 PM

I can't wait to order my Blas-fix kit. I have been dying to try this and I have so many ideas floating around my head for Christmas decorating! Thanks for all the great tips and ideas!

shelly wade
6/13/2012 6:57:18 PM

I finally read my Blas-fix directions & figured out the one hole method. I love all of your egg decorating ideas. I also think decoupaging dried pressed flowers such as pansies on them would be beautiful for Easter. I'm storing up some pretty eggs I've blown out this summer for crafting with this fall & winter. Great blog!!! Thanks!!!

kerri bachler-connor
6/13/2012 6:50:46 PM


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