EGG BLOWING 101 and Egg Decorating Instructions

| 6/12/2012 6:42:52 PM

 Egg Blowing Instructions and Egg Decorating Ideas 1 

You just collected your first egg and it’s spectacular. You're not really going to bash its shell on the counter, are you? ~gasp!~  Eggs can be preserved by blowing out the contents and cleaning them for years of enjoyment.

Looking for a fun craft project that makes a great gift? Decorate them for the holidays!

  Egg Blowing and Decorating DIY Instructions Christmas Egg Ornament 

  Egg Blowing and Decorating DIY Instructions Christmas Egg Tree 

Egg blowing isn’t difficult, it just takes a little patience and practice. I don't recommend practicing on a special or favorite egg as beginning attempts tend to result in breakage. The three basic steps to blowing an egg are: 1. Put hole(s) in egg, 2, Empty contents 3. Clean inside of egg. Using room temperature eggs makes emptying the egg much easier than with a cold egg.

Kathy Mormino
6/15/2012 5:15:18 PM

Congratulations Jules!! That's so eggciting!

Jules Honeycutt Capozella
6/15/2012 1:49:02 PM

Our First Red Star Egg laid yesterday and we are going to keep it forever too !!!

Kathy Mormino
6/15/2012 12:09:01 PM

Thank you for saying so, Jody! My pleasure. :)