Edible Holiday Garlands for your Backyard Flock

| 12/3/2012 1:50:58 PM

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Winter can mean that your chickens are shut up inside for long periods of time depending on where you live. At the very least, greens and bugs are at a minimum.  Boredom can lead to picking and other bad behavior, so I like to make edible garlands for my flock to keep them busy and occupied.

 garland hens 

In the past I have used popcorn, grapes, walnuts and raisins, but this year I went BIG with radishes, Brussels sprouts and hard-boiled eggs. [Hint: steam your eggs and they will peel perfectly every time!]  I had a bowl of eggs that needed to be used, so this was the perfect time to string some garlands.

 bowls of veggies 

To make assembly a bit easier, I drilled a hole through the vegetables first using a small drill bit.  Then using sturdy twine and an embroidery needle, I strung three garlands in no time.

 drill garland 

Patricia Martinez
12/9/2012 4:55:27 AM

cool idea. Im going to try this

12/5/2012 3:26:13 AM

Lisa, you are just full of good ideas. Kabobs for chickens are very creative. They certainly are spoiled. That's for sure. I would say there's no boredom in your flock. Have a great edible garland day with your chickens.

Heather Jackson
12/4/2012 9:33:58 PM

What beautifully spoiled chickens you have! Cool idea!

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