DuPont® Introduces New 4-oz Squeeze Bottle Lubricant Line

| 8/31/2012 12:11:33 PM

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DuPont® has launched a complete line of 4-oz specialty lubricants with Teflon® fluoropolymer for enhanced performance. Now plumbers and DIYers can easily store, transport and use the entire line, which is available in new, eco-friendly and convenient bottles.

The ergo-shape fits comfortably in most work pants and tool belts. A squeeze bottle design eliminates overspray and reduces waste, and the precision tip ensures mess-free application. The innovative 4-oz size is made from PET plastic, the most recyclable plastic available.

The product line includes DuPont® TeflonTM Multi-Use, TeflonTM Silicone, TeflonTM Penetrant, and TeflonTM Non-Stick.

DuPont Teflon Multi-Use Lubricant is a versatile, low-odor lubricant that can withstand extreme high and low temperatures. Perfect for use on pipe threads, wrenches, pipe and tubing cutters and other parts that need protection from rust and corrosion.

DuPont Teflon Silicone Lubricant is ideal for rubber, plastic and metal. This clean and clear formula protects and lubricates parts with a water-repellant film. It can be used on rubber gaskets, o-rings, hand tools and electric equipment.

DuPont Teflon Penetrant is the go-to formula for breaking and preventing rust. With its penetrating properties, rusty bolts, pipe threads and valves will be freed instantly. By applying moderately, this product will also act as a rust protector on tools and other metal surfaces.

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