Charlie to the Rescue

| 9/12/2014 1:03:00 PM

Life and Adventures at Diamond W RanchI’m convinced our dog Charlie is an angel in dog’s attire. Charlie is a large Golden Retriever we rescued a few years ago. He makes a wonderful companion; always happy, loyal, and surprisingly OK with his job as pillow, step stool, beauty treatment victim, and ninja monster-in-the-dark killer for our 6-year-old daughter. He further proved his worth as “Man’s Best Friend” for us when I managed to sprain my ankle a couple of weeks ago.

Kate gave herself and Charlie and updated hair color treatment 

Kate gave herself and Charlie an updated hair color treatment.

Charlie makes a warm and wonderful pillow 

Charlie makes a warm and wonderful pillow.

I had spent the previous two hours dumping and cleaning stock tanks in the barnyard. The next chore included filling about 20 large water jugs to use for watering our poultry. I had taken all the empty jugs out of the barn and had two left to retrieve before starting the process of filling them with the water hose. I took a step to go into the barn, stepped on the water hose, slipped, turned my ankle, and fell. I heard a sickening series of cracks as I went down, and then blinding pain.

9/15/2014 1:32:56 PM

Thanks, Dave! Yes, Charlie is quite a dog. He is still pretty young, we guess his age at about 6 years. He is one of the best dogs we've had, and we have had some great ones! Hope you have a great day, too!

9/13/2014 7:57:07 AM

Jacqueline, that's an awesome story. You rescued him and he rescued you. The thing is with loyal dogs, they don't see it as anything other than a normal day and isn't a big deal. That's the humble attitude we all should have, don't you think? I pray that Charlie has many more years of happy life with your family. ***** Have a great Charlie interaction day.