Anatolian Shepherd Puppies

| 12/21/2015 4:41:00 PM

Life and Adventures at Diamond W RanchWe have puppies! My Anatolian Shepherd dogs Brina and Silas are the proud parents of TEN beautiful, roly-poly balls of cute. They are, as of this writing, about 5-1/2 weeks old.

The puppies were whelped in a converted goat kidding stall in my old barn. There are two stalls side-by-side with a plywood partition between them that was in two pieces. I removed the top piece, leaving a section about 2 feet high that Brina could easily jump over. The puppies were on one side, and the other side was for Brina to be able to get away from them to eat and such. Just last week, they had gotten too big for that stall. So, I moved them across the barnyard to a fenced-in area with a small shed.

This fenced in area was previously used to house weanling goat kids. I have not had goats for some time now, and the pen had become overgrown with weeds.

Pen before clearing the weeds

The weeds were cleared by hand, by yours truly … I am still sore!

Pen after clearing the weeds

12/28/2015 3:56:30 PM

Beautiful pups! And I can sure relate to being sore after pulling a tons of weeds! lol All our dogs are "fur kids" and live in the house. A livestock guardian dog would be wonderful, but I don't know how I could leave one outside and have the others inside! :) Cheryl @ Pasture Deficit Disorder