New Dexter Calf: Pixie's Popsicle!

| 1/12/2011 10:44:53 PM

We welcomed a new baby to the farm yesterday morning, a cute little dun Dexter bull calf. It might have been a chilly 22 degrees when I saw him for the first time in the pasture, but he didn't let the chilly winter weather slow him down any. He was up and movin' with his mother, and looked to be a very good eater!


Due to his chilly morning birthday we've named him Pixie's Popsicle (after his mother, Pixie), and look forward to watching him grow. He makes calf #5 on the farm right now. What a fun time for babies!

Read more about my morning, and see more photos HERE.

Thanks for checking in on the farm and me!

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Nebraska Dave
1/13/2011 4:01:59 PM

Anna, we here in Nebraska try to have our calves come a litte later in the season when it's warmer. Calving in subzero weather is not a good thing. Dad always tending to the calving duties. I got to tend to the milking for many months after the calving. We had a mixed herd and my favorite milk cow was ity bit. She was a little Jersey that stood about half as high as the holstein cow noted for their milk volume. What Ity bit didn't have in milk volume she had in butter fat. It was the richest milk I have ever seen. There was always twice the cream from her milk compared to the same amount of milk from the prized holstein milkers. Her cream made the best butter. Congrats with the new addition to the herd. Have a great new calf day.