Cracks in the Land

| 8/30/2012 4:43:16 AM

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 "Our farmers and ranchers have never faced as many problems as they do today with drought, range fires, high gas prices..." - Michael McCau   

Cracks in my lawnThe land is dry and cracking across the heart of America. Drought is the natural cracker, shriveling everything up till there are gaps that demand radical shifts for underground pipes and construction footings, doubtless as well for all forms of subterranean life.  Then there are mournful, moanful cracks in the land from the massively arrogant and suicidal impulse of industrial-scale fracking in a time of profound earth changes. Foundational cracks abound on planes both inner and outer.

Each day as I open my back door and step out into the world I see this inescapably. I'm confronted with a crazy quilt pattern of cracked land where once had been a lawn. It's a troubling sight. Here at home all 93 of Nebraska's vast, sprawling counties have been declared disaster areas because of the drought. Late August now, and the forecasters say we may not get substantial rain until Halloween.

Our U.S. Midwestern drought -- impacting over 62% of the entire nation -- is having and will have  global consequences: "People in wealthy industrialized countries spend between 10 to 20 per cent of their income on food. Those in the developing world pay between 50 to 80 per cent of their income. According to Oxfam, a one per cent jump in the price of food results in 16 million more people crashing into poverty -- accelerating what global agriculture ministers call The Spiral of Hunger. 

Meanwhile, with at least one more long month of melting to go for the Arctic Sea Ice, the pace of heat-driven destruction to our North is staggering in proportion. Behold this brief composite animation. It's a must see. Just about every record has been shattered, with a month more of melting to come.

Watching the world's larger patterns unfold like this is profoundly unsettling, and can be unbalancing as well without some active, creative initiative to respond to the urgent call of the land.

9/1/2012 1:31:33 PM

Steven, I did not know that the drought conditions were so wide spread. I've been so focused on poor little ole Nebraska and United States that I missed the big picture. Thanks for the eye opening information. We certainly seem to be on the precipice of disaster. I did indeed expand my garden this year and again next year. I knew about roads buckling in the extreme heat and somewhat about the water lines and sewer lines having issues with the heat expansion but I didn't think about the cracks around house foundations that will be an avenue for water to cause issues with house basements and foundations. In all my 65 years of life, this is the worst drought that I can remember. I suppose there have been other years of drought but my focus was somewhere else during that time of life. The older I get the more I become aware of the earth's cry for relief. Thanks again for the information. I will be digesting the links directed to other articles and blogs for quite some time. Have the best day that you can.

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