Roosters Do What Roosters Do

| 7/30/2014 4:16:00 PM

LydiaHave you ever been faced with too much of a good thing? Last year we purchased two Buff Orpington roosters for our 45 hens (or maybe it was the other way around). Anyway, these two brothers whom we named Howard-the-Coward (because he always ran away and gave up the hen to his brother) and HOCO’s Brother did an outstanding job protecting the hens and fertilizing eggs for incubation.


The first hatch resulted in five more roosters and 10 hens. Within six months, we had five feuding siblings and everyone’s feathers were ruffled. The poor hens were running for their lives trying to get away from them, even taking refuge in my lap when we sat out to watch them in the evening. If they weren’t chasing hens, they were fighting each other.

We initially thought some of them would be as gentle as HOCO and his brother, but that was not the case. After separating them into two different coops, we soon noticed the roosters would even mount the 2-month-old chicks, eventually killing one of them in the process. We soon found one of roosters injured and near death after one of their duels, so we had to take immediate action.