Learning About Chickens

| 10/9/2015 9:33:00 AM

Faithful HomesteaderAfter a stray chicken wandered into my yard, I became a chicken mama. I have been on a journey of learning ever since. I find chickens to be fascinating creatures and I really do like learning all about them.

The girls strutting their stuff.

Our chickens roam free in the backyard during the day, but in the evening, they always return on their own to the coop. I think that is pretty cool how they know where they need to be at night.

I am fascinated by the whole egg laying experience as well. For the most part our girls know how to use the nesting boxes that we provide. On occasion, they have sought other places to lay. It is funny how they always want to use the same one even when plenty of boxes are provided. Our Cochin Bantam likes to find her own places and she can squeeze into a smaller space, but our Red Star was determined to make her way into the smaller area too. It can be entertaining to watch.

I read about the health benefits of cayenne in chickens and it is so interesting to me how even though it is hot for humans, it is not for chickens. Apparently, they do not have heat receptors. I use it on occasion to help with deworming.

I love watching my girls take dirt baths. This is necessary for healthy chickens. This keeps them clean and helps them ward off things like mites. I can always tell where the girls have been bathing.