How To Turn a Busted Chicken Drinker into a Busy Chicken Feeder

| 5/15/2014 1:18:00 PM

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Side by Side

Backwoods BrandonOne blustery evening last winter, my wife and I ventured out to the chicken coop to do the chores after dark. The temps were well below zero and the snow was over the knee if we strayed from the shoveled pathway. I grabbed our standard 1-gallon poultry drinker with frozen hands, only to find out that it was frozen too. It was a solid block of ice and the red bottom wasn’t budging. In my late winter frustration, I banged it a few times on the side of the coop to try to loosen the ice inside so I could remove the lid to fill it. Grabbing the handle, I twisted vigorously, thinking it had to break loose at some point.

“Stop, you’re going to break it,” my wife said.

“It’s not going to break,” I replied, determined to free the drinker from winter’s grasp.


Just as soon as I finished my sentence, winter proved her right. One of the three tabs on the red bottom busted off, sending a 1-gallon chunk of ice to shatter at my feet. I refilled it, hoping it would hold water. After putting the red lid back on and turning it over for the chickens, the water rushed right through the bottom where the tab was broken. The drinker was done for. I filled a bowl of water for the hens, and then went back inside for a slice of humble pie.

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