Confessions of a Chicken Hoarder

| 3/28/2014 8:16:00 AM

Life on Itzy Bitzy FarmThis is a difficult blog for me to write but I really believe it will be good for my overall recovery. 

If anyone had told me 10, even five years ago that I would be addicted to chickens, I would have laughed till I cried. 



Chickens. I had no idea and never even thought about any of the facts I now know about this edible creature. To me chicken was what I bought at the supermarket. I never thought about how chickens were raised commercially, never ever thought about the animals themselves, didn't wonder about what their life was like, their characteristics, I don't think I ever saw a real living chicken until five years ago. 

My first encounter with a chicken was a very aggressive rooster that my niece owned along with a flock of five hens. I don't remember if she warned me in advance about this devil rooster, I only remember asking her if I could take some veggie scraps out to the chickens in her backyard. She said yes and out I went ... alone. In a matter of seconds I was standing there watching a rooster silently running at full speed toward me. A big smile came over my face and for a fleeting moment I remember thinking, "Awww, look he is coming to get veggies from me."