Chickens and the North Texas Heat

| 6/24/2016 12:14:00 PM

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Faithful HomesteaderIt has definitely been hot and humid here in North Texas. I do my best to take good care of our chickens in this Texas heat. So far, they seem to be handling the heat better than I am. I am finding it hard to spend as much time as I like with them because I am having trouble breathing because of this humid weather.

Girls just hanging.

In the morning before it gets too hot, I set out cool water for them. Later in the day when it is much hotter, I usually give them cold water from the refrigerator. Fortunately, I do have a good spot for the water that gets shade for most of the day.

I like to give the girls frozen bananas as a good treat to beat the heat. Our hen Keypone seems to be a bigger fan of them than our other hen Buster. However, both girls love yogurt. I get a kick out of watching them eat the yogurt. They always end up with white beaks.

Chicken yogurt lipstick

Watermelon always seems to be a popular treat for chickens. If our watermelons end up doing well this year, the chickens will definitely get to share them with us. Sometimes if we find good deals on fruit at the store, we will buy some for them. However, it is much more satisfying to give them stuff from our own garden.

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