Cannabalism in Chickens

| 9/4/2014 9:38:00 AM

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Lessons Learned From the FlockIf you have chickens, you know that, at times, flock pecking can get out of hand resulting in severe injury and sometimes even the death of a bird.

Chickens are meat eaters (if you doubt me, you should have seen what happened within seconds to the nest of newborn mice we uncovered in the henhouse last spring.) They will peck each other and if they draw blood, the sight of the bright red tissue will excite them to even more pecking.

 pecking damage

Put simply, chickens can and will peck flock members to death.

So what can you do about cannibalism in your flock?

The best strategy is an offense.

9/5/2014 10:29:40 AM

Hi Dave, This is exactly where the pecking order comes in. It's basic survival - the bigger and stronger ones win (even though the littler ones are the ones *we* want to take care of.) Our family has learned much from watching our chickens (don't think there's not a pecking order with teen girls? think again. :-) Thanks for your comments and you also have a great day! Wendy

9/5/2014 7:21:45 AM

Wendy, I guess that's where pecking order comes from in chickens, huh. Yeah, I know the commercial confined chicken growers clip the beak to keep that from happening. Other that do let them out of their cages will clip their wings so they can't fly either. Chickens are definitely meat eaters. They will gobble up bugs and worms in a flash. I don't have chickens nor do I wish to have chickens in urban city Nebraska. However, just down the street, the neighbor has chickens. I never knew it until just recently. I think it's great and as long as the neighbors are ok with it, the chickens will remain. ***** Have a great day with the chickens.

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