Becoming a Chicken Mama

| 7/30/2015 10:22:00 AM

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Faithful HomesteaderI never had any thoughts about raising chickens and becoming a chicken mama. I was not drawn to chickens and they were not what I thought of when I thought of something cute. When my husband talked to me about getting chickens, I was less than thrilled with the idea. However, my whole life changed the day a stray chicken wandered into my yard.

One day my husband was talking over the fence with our neighbor when the neighbor noticed we had a chicken in the yard. It was a small black chicken just hanging around and making herself at home. We did not know of anyone around us with chickens so we had no idea where she came from before coming to us. My husband just let her be and didn’t try to chase her off or anything. I had nothing to do with her.

Little Buster

She made herself at home from the beginning.

Another day when I was out, I received a text from my husband with a photograph of the chicken. He said he was bonding with the chicken. The next thing I know I walk out in the yard one day and noticed my husband had bought a rabbit hutch for the small chicken. I was definitely not happy that he did all that behind my back. He transformed the hutch into a chicken coop and named the hen Buster. I tried at least to get him to go with Bustess, but I lost that battle.

chicken coop

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