All Your Chickens Are Gonna Die

| 4/7/2016 12:10:00 PM

Candi JohnsKeeping chickens means that sometimes you will lose chickens. Don't let this stop you from beginning your own flock.

Even though you will most likely experience the death of a chicken (one way or another) at some point during your chickeny adventures — keeping chickens is still a fun, rewarding hobby.

I was volunteering at an elementary school one day last week. One of the girls was talking about her recent "jump" to the country and all the projects they had going on their homestead. This is when the subject of keeping chickens came up.

"We haven't got any chickens yet," she said. "We want to put up really good fencing that is predator proof. I don't want to get chickens until I am sure they will be safe. I do not want any of my chickens to die."

Can we all just pause a moment and laugh?