Adding to My Flock

| 5/6/2014 12:24:00 PM

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Acorn and ThistleEvery spring, for the past few years, I’ve picked up some chicks at the feed store to replace losses and add to my flock. It helps me keep egg production pretty consistent, and quite frankly, the chicks are fun to raise. It also gives me something to focus on in the spring, when the weather isn’t cooperating.

My existing flock of four is comprised of Flo, a Silver-laced Wyandotte who is heading into her third summer. She’s the one who went broody this past summer and drove everyone a little nuts with her less-than-pleasant behaviors. The next oldest bird is Fauna; she’s an Americauna and the last of the Fairy Godmothers (as well as the last named chicken). We also have a Plymouth Barred Rock and another Americauna , who were raised as chicks last year.


Now, if you’re keeping count, that’s just four chickens remaining out of 11 purchased over the previous two  years … the accountant in me says that doesn’t look like a great retention rate – four out of 11 is 36%.

I’m more of a glass half full gal, so let’s break it down by purchase so we can see actual performance:

Group 1: 4 purchased, 1 remains. (25%)

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