Wordless Wednesday: First Calves of the Year

| 9/17/2014 3:06:00 PM

April FreemanFinally.

The first calves of the fall have arrived.

One was born on Sunday; the other on Monday.

Lovely, lovely calves.


10/1/2014 6:45:08 PM

How well I remember those days! Walked those pastures for long hours looking for the calf that was hidden. Yours are just beautiful!

9/18/2014 6:57:42 AM

April, new life on the homestead is always exhilarating, don't you think? It brings new hope for the future. Even when I see the new flock of young wild turkeys that haunt my garden, it brings a sense of "All is right with the world." ***** Have a great new calf day.