Jersey Cow Is Down With Milk Fever

| 5/29/2015 3:09:00 PM

Candi JohnsIt has been a hard week on us all: My husband, my four children and me. It has been especially heartbreaking for my 13-year-old daughter. She is Faith's person.

Faith (our wonderful Jersey milk cow) miscarried her calf Monday night. Our vet came out and delivered her calf. Faith was given a calcuim tube Monday night to help prevent milk fever.

Milk fever is common in older Jersey cows. Since Faith is 8 years old and has a history of milk fever, the tube was given to help her chances of avoiding it. I am not a doctor, but my understanding is that when a cow becomes fresh there is extra strain on her body for calcium. Calcium is taken from the cow 's system in order to give to the udder to produce milk.  

Milk fever happens when there just isn't enough calcium to go around.

We milked Faith Tuesday morning and night. She was doing fine, eating well, and looking good.

Wednesday morning when my husband went out to milk Faith she was down with milk fever. Because she couldn't get up she was on her side unable to expel gas. The gasses were slowly building in her rumen and she was slowly suffocating.